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Printmysoul Design Studio specialise in creating and producing impactful branding, print and web design solutions that get your business noticed.Our work encompasses all visual elements of a business, such as colour schemes, branding, websites, banners, any printed material, editorials illustrations, POS and signages.

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Studio Printmysoul was founded with the objective to deliver professional design services to start ups and medium sized businesses, enabling businesses owners to feel professionally represented and feel comfortable competing against established business.

A flexible communication approach, fast turnaround no client is too big or too small; we offer you support throughout each stage of building the most appropriate Visual Communication Strategy for your business.

We have also expanded with an online shop selling made to order, unique designer items.

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Studio Printmysoul was established in Manchester in 2013 by the Italian designer and communicator and author Kladi. She utilises her strategic problem solving background within areas of corporate identity, PR & innovative marketing practised while in Italy and Australia, alongside exciting experience gained in art direction and design in the UK. With roots as a Southern Italian street artist, underpinned by a HBA in Corporate Communication and a Master’s degree in New Media, she has combined more than ten years of roaming the world studying and visiting the most prestigious university and museums to create an exquisite mix between explosive colors, geometry, consumer psychology and communication.

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Founder, Art Director & Designer
Kladi Vergine

Kladi has built an invaluable bond with a broad network of talented professionals including developers, printers, street artists, performers, writers, illustrators and makers.

She is obsessed with nature and plants has just published her first book Plant Therapy . She is also an Adidas sneakers collector and you can see her coming back with a new bright pair of sneakers after any of her trips abroad.

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