Anatolian grill

Branding, Menu, Full Print & Bespoke Marketing Material, Website


Successful Turkish restaurant, Anatolian Grill, was in need to refresh their business visual identity to better communicate the high quality, typical cuisine served in their fun and warm restaurant.

Chef Duran, who is also the former director of the restaurant requested a full branding lift and the creation of a modern and unique solution for their menu and associated marketing materials, uniforms, livery and POS to promote his successful business.

We consulted with the Director, Manager and the lovely staff of the restaurant to understand the core value and work ethics they operate with and their long term goals, in order to develop a brand that would accurately reflect the food and atmosphere that customers will find in the restaurant.

We selected a color palette of green and gray to appeal to their two primary target audiences – young professionals and families – but also to stress the fresh organic ingredient picked by the Chef and the sharp, clean and professional ethic of the kitchen.

The result was a brand that recalls traditional Turkish treasures, like the gorgeous rugs made in the Anatolian region and the unique writing calligraphic elements. The full stationery for their business, was followed by the creation of wipeable menus that sit on gorgeous stained wood laser-cut boards to both hold the menu and display the beautiful pattern alongside the new brand.

We have just finished to direct a major location and food photo-shoot and we have recently built and launched their new website.



Design & Art Direction. Studio Printmysoul
Patter Design. Kladi Vergine
Lasercut Prouction. Laserlea
Print Spec. Litho Wet Wipeable Paper
Photography. Bill Hughes
A special thank you to Duran, Lydia, Mourad & Giuliana