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kladi background.jpg

Kladi.uk is a blog that explores design inspirations in many forms – from interior design and decorative arts, to the simple art of enjoyment: beauty and its shapes.

We have been fully involved with the branding of kladi.uk, starting by researching and understanding the beautiful world of interior design and exploring the latest urban and bohemian trends.

The logo incorporates welcoming colours in stylish tints which reflect the newest ranges of elegant and modern furniture and tend to a more feminine audience thanks to the alternate use of curves and sharp lines on the font.

As a second step, the website was designed to deliver first of all a broad overview on the topics covered in the blog by landing on the main archive and then leaving the reader free to pick the preferred path to navigate the site either by room or theme.

The blog was born after the purchase of the House of the Roses in Greater Manchester, Kladi's first home after many years of traveling around the world and sharing flats with people from around the globe.

She shares her natural Italian sophisticated taste to satisfy amateurs and professionals desire of stylistic references while modernizing or decorating a home and looking for modern urban-boho Interior design inspirations.