Photoshooting Direction, Promotional Concertina Fold, Business Cards, Riso Print


After being approached for stationery set by the lovely Natasha Gooden, who is a successful performer based in London that tours the entire UK, we decided to support the business card with a small marketing brochure. This choice was made to deliver across the variety of her stakeholders all the most relevant information about her professional experience.

To make the brochure easy to carry around and hand out we came up with a fold that holds the business card inside. The fold is designed to engage the readers inviting them to move around the paper with rhythm in order to follow the content and to discover the final poster held inside.
Directing the Photo Shooting with Natasha is an unforgettable memory, as we had the chance to watch her perform in front of us!



Art Direction & Design. Kladi Vergine
Paper Stock. Colorplan Collection by GFSmith
Print. Fa RISO Gold & Black
Shooting. Elle Brotherhood