An illustrated guide to taking care of indoor plants


Today plants are in the spotlight, as they become more and more important to the modern home. They can now be found in any sort of shop, places you’d usually only expect to find furniture, clothes and books. They are a focal point of interior design in restaurants, hotels and museums. This first little volume, was created with the hope to help nursing the unaware victims of this trend: plants! Plant Therapy aims to support beginners and to inspire professionals who junglise their homes, shops or offices; it’s a prescious ally in creating the perfect indoor environment for all types of plants, using heat, shade, humidity or ventilation, making it possible for plants to thrive. It also contains exclusive artworks which boldly stand out against the deep blue cotton paper stock insert.

The book was written and illustrated in-house and  the text is curated by Ian Hughes.

Printed on premium luxurious papers, made in Italy by Fedrigoni, with an elegant black rainbow foil by Foilco studded on the  completely biodegradable cover. Top and bottom white sections of the book focus on selected plants likes succulents or the much loved Monstera by giving cultivation information, SOS info, pet toxicity and tips on how to purchase a plant; the middle section contains stunning full page illustrations, printed in two layers using white ink and CMYK creating a lush finish that contrasts with the dark paper.

The result is a useful book which looks and feels great.

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Art Direction & Design. Kladi Vergine
Paper Stock. Saville Raw an Oikos by Fedrigoni
Printer. ColourOptions
Author .Kladi Vergine
Copy editing. Ian Hughes