Bespoke Origami Instruction & Hand Sewn Booklet


Studio Printmysoul had the opportunity to carry out an origami workshop hosted by Design Manchester in 2015 in the beautiful engine hall of the People’s History Museum.

We created a bespoke teapot logo which was carved into wooden stamps and used to decorate the cover of a hand sewn booklet. A traditional Japanese pattern was chosen to decorate the origami paper and an A3 size instruction poster was produced with gold and royal blue inks through riso graphic technique.

We used examples of this traditional Japanese craft to effectively promote the Origami workshop. Studio Printmysoul designed a bespoke origami fold instruction booklet that enabled participants to create a lovely teapot. The instructions were designed bearing in mind the young and adult visitors to the event.   

We let the art speak for itself in promoting the workshop which teaches participants the ancient Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.



Design and Art Direction. Studio Printmysoul
Paper Stock. GFSmith Colorplan Collection
Riso Print. #FaRISO Fred Aldous
Digital Print. Hobs Reprographic
Stamp. English Stamp, rubber + wood
Photography. Elle Brotherhood